Kiteboarding at Windhaven

Long Bay beach is one of the most renowned kite boarding beaches in the Caribbean with steady reliable winds, shallow water conditions and perfect year-round warm water temperatures making Long Bay, Turks and Caicos the ideal beach for both the novice and advanced kite boarder.

We carefully assembled the best elements to enjoy the incredible kiting conditions Long Bay offers:

  • Self landing and launching facilities
  • Compressor for automatic, effortless kite-inflation
  • Wind speed and direction indicator mounted on the villa roof with digital weather read-out
  • Villa patios are equipped with kite board racks and kite surf gear storage boxes.
  • Smooth surface viewing decks on the beach also serve as safe areas to clean and roll-up your kites
  • Clean water footbath station as you leave the beach to remove sand

Kiteboarding in TCI

Turks and Caicos (TCI) has many beaches suitable for all levels of kiting. From large surf on the north shore to calm, flat water among the mangroves, your only problem may be that when you experience the ideal conditions of Long Bay right in front of your villa, you will not want to try anything else.

Although a variety of other kiting locations can be found, the best spot on the island is right at the front door of Windhaven.